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Why Is My Toilet Clogged? 4 Possible Reasons

Having a clog in your toilet is a very common but very annoying problem. The good news is that there are a few reasons why it may be clogged, and it doesn't always mean that you have to call a plumber to fix it. Below are four common reasons why your toilet is clogged and what you can do to fix it.

You have an Older Toilet

If the house has a toilet that is low flow, this could be the reason why you keep having trouble with clogs. Some of the older toilets don't have the necessary pressure to push the material through their drain and trap. Having low pressure will leave the material behind, which means that you always have clogs.

This can be solved by replacing the old toilet. But if you aren't able to replace it right now, reduce the toilet paper used and what you are flushing to help you prevent clogs until you're able to replace it.

Flushing the Wrong Items

There are only two things that you should flush in your toilet = toilet paper and human waste. When you start to flush other things, such as condoms, sanitary supplies, and even other kinds of toilet paper, this will cause clogs since it isn't made to handle these kinds of things.

Some of the other big things that people try flushing down are:

• Cotton balls

• Flushable wipes • Q-tips

To help stop clogs from happening due to this, only flush the toilet paper and your waste down it. Also, remind your children that only toilet paper and waste should go into the toilet. If the children are toddlers, make sure that you remind them the toilet's not a place to play.

Using Too Much TP

Yes, it's meant to go down and not cause clogs. But this is only true if you use the right amount. When you use too much, it won't properly dissolve, so it will stick in the drain lines or toilet, which causes a clog.

Not only that but some of the toilet paper that is 2-ply doesn't dissolve well, and this also leads to clogs. Although it's much more comfortable for you to use, it can cause many problems in the bathroom.

The average number of squares that people use 7-9 when they can use just 3-4 without a problem. Encourage your household members to reduce the number of squares they use.

Toilet Trap is Clogged

The majority of homeowners know about the P-trap in the sink, but they don't know that the toilet also has one. Rather than being in the shape of a P, it's in the shape of an S. it sets in between your drain line and your toilet bowl. Just like the sink's P-trap, it's purpose is to catch the objects and stop them from going into your drain and causing a clog.

This is where a lot of things get stuck. Excess toilet paper and waste or items that shouldn't be flushed often become lodged here once they're flushed. When there's a big mass stuck in this trap, your toilet will keep on clogging since the material that is normally flushed often catches and clogs.

If you think there's a blockage in your trap, try to plunge your toilet to help the clog move along. Use a plunger with a flange to for the water through your trap and cause the clog to move.

If this doesn't work, you can also use your toilet auger. The auger gets inserted into your toilet drain and then moved forward until resistance is hit. If there's resistance just beyond your drain, you likely have a toilet trap clog. Rotate your auger, so the clog's material is broken up and grasp so that the rest of the material's pulled out of your drain. If you can't clear your clog, you want to call your plumber and have it professionally cleaned.

These are four common reasons why people experience clogs in their toilets. As you can see, sometimes they can be fixed on your own, and other times a more expensive solution may be the answer.

The point is that you want to make sure that a clog is taken care of. Otherwise, if you let it go, you may not just have a clog, but you also might have a flood because of the water coming out of your toilet and making a mess in your bathroom. So, take care of it as soon as you can. It won't go away on its own.

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